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Why We Do It

We believe that WHY we do something is far more important than HOW or WHAT we do.

Because of this, we are not like most other businesses these days. To us, profit is not the reason why, it's a result. Think about it. If we all did what we loved & therefore took pride in our work, our communities & our families, would it really matter how or what we did?

As consumers ourselves, we recognize the benefits as well as the problems caused by today's global marketplace. Lower priced goods have not resulted in a better lifestyle, better quality, better service or better society.

Our goal is to provide an uncommonly high level of service & product satisfaction to our clients regardless of their project or budget. And to inspire & support creative thinkers with:

• Quality hand-built products

• Personal service

• Complete & accurate drawings

• State-of-the-art tools

• Quality materials

To us, old-fashioned values & common sense aren't so common these days. But it's what we believe in.

• Integrity

• Honesty

• Responsibility

• Respect

• Support our local economy

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Why Choose Us?

Your Own Personal Design / Engineering / Workshop

Whether you're a designer who's tired of dealing with shops that melt your stunning project ideas down to mediocre production items, or a capable woodworker who could enhance your product offering with components machined on our CNC router, or maybe you just have a DIY personality but lack the equipment. Leverage your ideas, capabilities and productivity with our investment in software, tooling, experience, and probably most importantly, our open-minded approach to helping you succeed.

Value Is Subjective

Everyone has a different concept of value. We do not compete with big-box or off-shore manufacturers. Instead, we know you by name, are happy to talk to you after 5pm on Friday if you're worried about something & we won't ask you to pay for something until you're completely satisfied. We believe the best way to provide you with value is to adhere to our values.

Hire For Value, Not Price

If you invite bids from a number of companies, it may be tempting to go for the lowest price, but remember to consider the implications. Do they clearly understand (and define to you) what's involved in the project? Will you get the quality you expect or will they cut corners to stay within the budget? Will you be hit with extra charges for items not defined in their bids? Sometimes the lowest price bid can end up costing the most.

The Devil's In The Details

We take whatever time is necessary to discuss every detail with you about your project - before it even starts. While more & more companies these days seem to specialize in over-simplification and then profiting from the 'extras', we believe that honesty, clarity & communication can eliminate 99% of misunderstandings & disappointments.

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