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Extraordinary Website Features

This is not your average website!

We believe, as the saying goes, that a picture is worth a thousand words. Yet a photograph without context can mislead, misrepresent or easily be misunderstood. That's why we try to include as much information about the items in each photo as possible.

This tips on this page will help you navigate all the photographs on our site & find just the ones you're looking for.

Finding Photos

By Category Then Project

We group our photos in categories that often lead to galleries of project photos.

Search by Project

There are two ways to view our project photos:

1) Select the 'What' section from our homepage & meander through the sections.

2) Click 'Portfolio' in the left menu to quickly scan & drill-down through each section.

For project related photos, this is a good way to see them in context.

To see all photos of a particular item or material, we suggest using keywords.

By Keyword

Keywords are an excellent way of pulling together photos of similar items from throughout our site, regardless of the project they may have been used in. eg: Click on 'Search by Keyword' in the left menu & select the 1st keyword of interest, like 'cherry'.

Combined Keywords
After selecting a primary keyword, the next page seemingly allows you to refine your search by combining it with another, associated, keyword (these have a '+' sign in front), but there's a known issue with our site's host (hopefully resolved soon) that only displays 10 random additional keywords, even though there are often more available. This differs from the main Keyword Search page which lists all keywords in alphabetical order.

Two workarounds & things to keep in mind:

1) On the secondary (combine with) search page, if available, select the desired associated keyword from the 'Combine with' list, knowing that the list may be incomplete because it's limited to 10 random keywords.

2) On the main Keyword search page, use multiple keywords by entering them individually, separated by a semicolon, in the 'search for photos...' field. However, this may result in an empty page if the keywords are misspelled or not associated with the same photo.

Viewing Photos

Our website optimizes each photo automatically. From thumbnails to pro-resolution photos, the image(s) you view only load the file size you need. This means fast page loading & minimal downloads to your device.  This may seem a little too technical for some people, but it instantly becomes apparent when you compare it to sites that take forever to load because they only store large file images, or the inverse on sites where you click an image to see a detail & it opens an even worse quality image!


Hover over a photo to display any details we may have added or to see additional options.

Click on a photo to zoom in & see additional options.

Press Esc to return to the previous screen.

Thumbnail Photos in a Gallery

View Pics 1

Details on Thumbnail While Hovering

View Pics 2

Enlarged Photo After Clicking Thumbnail (with options to view more details or fullscreen)

View Pics 3

Full-Zoom Photo After Clicking on Previous Photo (click & drag to pan)

View Pics 5
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