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Extraordinary Website Features

This is not your average website. This page explains some of its unique features to allow you to benefit from & enjoy your visit.

Like most people, we believe a photograph is worth a thousand words, yet a photograph without context can mislead, misrepresent or be misunderstood. We not only attempt to include & share details of what's shown in each individual photo with you, we also try to share the context of our projects as groups of photos.

Finding Photos

By Category Then Project

We've grouped our photos into categories that eventually lead to galleries of project photos. There are two ways to view our project photos:

1) Select the 'What' section from our homepage & meander through the sections.

2) Click 'Portfolio' in the main menu, on the left side of any page, to quickly scan & drill-down through each section.

The galleries at the end of each category only display photos associated with a particular project, so if seeing the context in which that floating shelf was used in the kitchen project you're viewing is important, this is a good way to find photos.

But, if you would like to see all photos of floating shelves we've made in one gallery of their own, we suggest using keywords.

Search by Project

By Keyword

Keywords are an excellent way of pulling together & refining photos of similar items from throughout our site, regardless of the project they belong to. eg: After clicking on 'Search by Keyword' in the menu on the left, select the 1st keyword of interest, let's say 'floating', to see all photos of these, then refine your search after that by selecting the next keyword, let's say '+shelves', at the top of the page to show only floating shelves. Continue to filter the results shown by selecting other keywords as needed.

So if finding & filtering all photos of floating shelves is important & you don't care about seeing them in the context of their project, search by keyword.

Tip: Use the keyword 'completed' to see photos of overall finished items rather than parts. eg: 'completed' '+kitchen'.

10 Keyword Issue: There is a known problem with our site's software (hopefully resolved soon) that only displays 10 random, additional keywords at the top of the search results page. As a workaround to be able to filter the list of photos based on any of the keywords in the full list (shown on the 1st keyword search screen where we chose 'floating' earlier), simply add a semicolon to the end of the URL in your browser followed by the exact spelling of the keyword in the list. eg: To see all photos of Cherry floating shelves the URL should look like this:;shelves;cherry/

  • Search by Keyword 1
  • Search by Keyword 2

Viewing Photos

Our website is smart enough to optimize photo sizes depending on where you're seeing them, so they load quickly but yet at the best possible resolution.


Hovering over a photo will display any details we may have added or offer you additional options.

Clicking on a photo will zoom in & offer you more details.

Pressing Esc will return you to the previous screen.

Thumbnail Photos in a Gallery

View Pics 1

Details on Thumbnail While Hovering

View Pics 2

Enlarged Photo After Clicking Thumbnail (with options to view more details or fullscreen)

View Pics 3

Full-Zoom Photo After Clicking on Previous Photo (click & drag to pan)

View Pics 5
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